Tavar's Day 2

Our adventures again find that their services are needed. Having earned the admiration of the countryside after defeating the arena challenge and graduating from Master Ein’s Academy, they find it has boosted their fame.

The group was spending some off time in their favorite haunt, the local tavern, when we overheard an intoxicated goliath man talking to the barkeep in what can only be described as whispered shouting. We approached him and asked if he was in need of help. He was the one that sent us on a quest to the Valley of the Chaos Star. It is a crater dug out by a falling asteroid that landed before the Great War. The townspeople say that any that enter, have not returned. He told us of his ancestor, Voran, who was said to be a great sorcerer. Voran had a staff that had magical powers, and we were sent to retrieve it. The goliath man told us of an old keep that used to be the workshop of the sorcerer, but now lies in ruin. We left the tavern, and found a black wagon with a red stripe down it’s side, parked outside. The group decided to commandeer it on official business.

We reached the keep without any resistance, and when we got there…it definitely wasn’t much to look at. (As i stood in front of this crumbled frame of a keep i found my mind drifting. I have watched as many buildings have risen and then collapsed through the ages, yet i continue) On opening the door, we were immediately set upon by a group of frog-like people. We managed to dispatch them without issue. We combed the rubble and swampy ground, which seem to be covered in a muck unlike we have seen. Luckily for us, we had met up with a Rogue named Umlo Reed. He found a hidden door to a basement. Once underground we faced yet more of these same frog-like creatures. In the room there were bookshelves everywhere, many of which look to be untouched by the hand of time. We proceeded deeper into the chambers and when we came to a large room, we met our toughest challenge. There were two giant toads and yet more of the frog-like humanoids. Myself and our cleric Ragnar were both grabbed by the tongues of the giant toads and swallowed. We were unable to defend ourselves and soon were unconscious. As I’m told 4 individuals burst through the doorway behind us and helped to defeat the creatures. We later find out that they call themselves the “A-Team” and that the wagon we had commandeered earlier from the tavern had been theirs. It’s a good thing they helped us, or we might have been in a good deal of trouble.

After the large room there was another smaller one. In this one there was a swirling portal that was oozing this mucky substance, and in the middle of it stood the staff we had been sent to find. We tried to pull it free, but it would not budge. At trying to free it, 2 Muk Golems arose from the ooze, but we managed them easily. Working together with the aid of my arcane knowledge and the strength and dexterity of the cleric and rogue, we were able to free the staff and close the portal.

On our way out of the keep, we decided to save as many of the relics as we could carry ourselves and on our horse. We made it back to town with 75 books from the small library, among other items. We took the staff to the goliath man, who ended up being more interested in the gold our new wizard friend offered him than the staff. The books we took the the academy to show Master Ein. We wanted to offer them to him first to add to the great library in the school. He gave us a hansom amount for the priceless books.

In the end our quest was complete and we managed to add some previously lost knowledge back to the world and make a small profit from it on the side. Plus we made two new friends who i think will continue to travel with us as we continue on our journeys.

Tavar's Day 2

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